Capybara Enamel Pin
100 kr

Capybara Enamel Pin


Nothing quite like a day of relaxing sunbathing by the water while surrounded by all of your friends! A nap is always well deserved too when your biggest task in hand is to sit and think about what a busy day you have ahead doing... absolutely nothing! 

Wouldn't we all benefit from having a bit more of a laid back lifestyle? We would definitely learn a whole lot from the friendly capybara we have here, the most peculiarly social of rodents! Its chunkiness immortalised as an enamel pin will now allow you to find your inner peace with hard enamel and gold plating, the rubber backing in the back making sure it doesn't slip off into slumber and lose you! 

Pin details

 • 30 mm
 • Gold plated
 • Screen printed details
 • Backstamp engraved in back
 • Rubber clutch backing
 • Colours may vary from your devices screen to the physical product, enamel pins may also have a slight colour difference from batch to batch