Daisy And Calicow Wooden Stand
200 kr

Daisy And Calicow Wooden Stand


There is nothing mooore relaxing than, after a long day of playing and grazing under the spring sun, to finally lay down on the grass and cuddle with your girlfriend. After all, finding the best flowers to nibble on is such hard work...

Join in on the self-care and brighten up your workspace with this wooden standee! The  adorable illustration is printed on eco-friendly laser cut wood, meaning the only pain you will feel will be in your heart from the cuteness and not on the planet! Its lightweight, robust fitting is perfect for any indoor surface, and the multiple pieces included give a distinct, diorama-like feel. Just make sure not to fall... asleep... too... zzzz... 🐌

Stand details

 • Base is 100mm wide, uprights are 90mm and 24mm wide
 • Professionally printed and laser cut on responsibly sourced European Birch Plywood
 • Due to the natural material, they all have their unique texture to them
 • Colours may vary from your devices screen to the physical product