Sprinkles The Strawberry Doughnut Whale Shark Plush

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We take great pride on our work here at our little fika bakery. Kneading dough, mixing the icing, sprinkling, well, sprinkles... It is such hard work! But there is nothing quite as amazing as being able to share our new little baking treats for you all to enjoy, especially when they are the best colour in the universe: PINK!

Dig in and enjoy Sprinkles the Doughnut Whale Shark! He is a squishy lad, full of sugar and loves to swim around and hang out with little fishies. Do not be afraid, for his mouth is this big only to give big smiles to everyone passing by! He features embroidered sprinkles of multiple colours, and adores being squeezed gently just so he can give back all the love. Adopt yours today for a frosted, loving treat! 🍩

• 9 inches
• Embroidered details
• Soft plush minky fabric
• All plushies are handmade and therefore they will all look a little different from eachother, they're all unique!
• For ages 3+

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