Froog Loops Charm

Froog Loops Charm

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A strong, healthy breakfast is the best way one can begin the day. Perhaps you are more of a toast and butter person, or maybe a simple cup of tea is enough for you. But the allure of sugary cereal somehow always seems to be present in the back of your head, with its sweet, wonderfully indulgent taste, even if they get soggy when musing over them after a bit too long... But what is this? This bowl is full of little frogs?! Please don't eat the frogs, no matter how yummy they may look! 🐸

These little frogs are being a bit mischievous, aren't they? Sneaking into the breakfast table like that! But they're so colourful, especially with the rainbow acrylic on which we have managed to immortalise the curious little scene! The acrylic is well durable and sturdy, so don't worry about having it being damaged with your oat milk! Once you have regained your morning strength, you may want to keep these little balls of mischief around with you by hanging them to your backpack, pencil case or car keys! Who knows where they'll want to go to next... 


Charm details

 • 8 cm
 • Double sided print
 • Glitter epoxy coating
 • Star clasp
 • Charm comes with a protective holographic foil on the backside, don't peel this off if you wish to keep the holographic effect!
 • Colours may vary from your devices screen to the physical product