Baby Giraffe Sticker Set

Baby Giraffe Sticker Set

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Baby giraffes are so cute! The way they clumsily walk around with those thin legs and long necks, it is almost a miracle that they can actually hold themselves up so quickly! Perhaps their long necks are there just to give them some very long hugs... 🦒

Adorn your stationery and favourite surfaces today with our little giraffe sticker set! These feisty, clumsy little pals are printed in vibrant colours on durable vinyl, so they can take many trips to the pond for a little sip! You can stick them on any dry, clean surface of your choosing, both indoors and outdoors if you so fancy - including windows overlooking the vast savannah though which they roam.

Sticker details

 • Between 5 cm to 7 cm depending on sticker
 • Weather and scratch proof
 • Soft, matte laminate
 • Colours may vary from your devices screen to the physical product