Bunny Stickers
Bunny Stickers
25 kr

Bunny Stickers


Bundles of happiness! As spring rolls in, and the budding leaves start to open, have you seen how cute these bunny buds look with the flowers they are wearing? 🐇

These stickers are printed in matte vinyl, and they are durable against rubbing and weathering - making them perfect for all the petting they're going to get! They are a perfect fit for any surface as long as it's dry and clean, so you can place them on notebooks and cars alike! Just make sure to stick them well, or else they might hop away without you noticing... 🐰

Sticker details

 • 5~6 cm depending on design
 • Weather and scratch proof
 • Soft, matte laminate
 • Colours may vary from your devices screen to the physical product