Calico Phone Grip
Calico Phone Grip
100 kr

Calico Phone Grip


There is nothing as comforting as the smooth feeling of something soft and round against your fingers. Imagine being able to feel that while texting your loved ones or taking selfies to share with your friends! Guaranteed photo upgrade! (Although your beautiful face does not really need much else to make it shine more than it already does✨)

We are more than happy to be able to share our very first phone grip! It is modelled by an adorably curled calico cat. The shape of the pop socket is designed to be held between your fingers while you hold your phone, thus allowing a greater security when texting or performing calls. To use, peel off the 3M tape hiding the adhesive side, and press firmly against a clean, flat non-silicone surface. 

Choose between 2 grades!

 • A GRADE - Our highest quality offered
 • B GRADE - Rowdy kittens who have been on some adventures getting themselves a little dirty along the way! Flaws are usually small specks and discoloration from manufacturing process, but not really noticable unless you look for them.

Phone grip details

 • 5,5 cm wide
 • Made by PVC material
 • Apply to smooth, non-silicone surfaces only. Clean surface thoroughly before applying. Sticks best to hard, plastic like cases
 • Colours may vary from your devices screen to the physical product