Capybara With Guinea Pigs Sticker

Capybara With Guinea Pigs Sticker

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Capybaras are known for being the largest rodents, found in South America. They are famous for loving to lounge around and being incredibly chill. We could all use being a little more capybara, really... Especially when it comes with an assortment of lovely friends!

This sticker is printed on vinyl with a matte laminate protecting it, meaning it is resistant to scratching and biting from little teeth of all species. It features a delightful scene of relaxing related rodents, and can be stuck on any surface of your choice - so long as it is clean and dry when you do so (not good when you're busy having a grand time swimming like they do): reusable water bottles, school supplies, and even any outdoor surface of your choice! Where will you place yours?

 Sticker details

 • 9 cm
 • Weather and scratch proof
 • Soft, matte laminate
 • Colours may vary from your devices screen to the physical product