Daisy The Highland Cow Phone Grip

Daisy The Highland Cow Phone Grip

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Oh gosh! Have you seen the little ball of fluff that has been running around here lately?! Wait, that's her! It's... A tiny cow! It's Daisy, the playful, cheeky Highland cow, now the perfect size to mysteriously fit into your pocket!

Don't worry, Daisy can also be a very good girl once she settles for her afternoon nap. You can now keep her close to you and safeguarding your phone with our phone grip, made of soft silicone material to give her a wonderful feeling to the touch. She is easy to clean too, and will be held on firmly to you phone or phone case once you peel off the protective plastic to reveal the adhesive behind her back, and press on a clean, dry surface to make sure she holds on just right. Just make sure she always has a little bit of fresh grass to nibble on when you have her in your pocket!

To use, peel off the 3M tape hiding the adhesive side, and press firmly against a clean, flat non-silicone surface. 

Phone grip details

 • 63 mm wide
 • Made by PVC material
 • Apply to smooth, non-silicone surfaces only. Clean surface thoroughly before applying. Sticks best to hard, plastic like cases
 • Colours may vary from your devices screen to the physical product