Purrincess Cake Cushion Plush

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Her green icing is unmistakable, a staple of Swedish baking and many Swedes’ favourite cake of them all. The rose on top is prized as the best part of the cake, fit for royalty and the occasional sugar craving combined. However, this particular cake seems to begin purring when you start petting her… How oddly purrculiar!

Meet the round star of our little bakery, Purrincess Cake! Based on the classic Swedish prinsesstårta, our plush is perfect for cuddling, squeezing and napping on! She loves to be kneaded on, the soft inside imitating the delicious softness of the sponge cake and cream in princess cakes. The rose on top may not be edible on this plush, but it is nonetheless wonderful to squeeze and play with while watching telly on Fridays like a good swede. The chocolate icing face, here finely embroidered, will always have a bright smile for you, eager for more pets and more love! And don’t forget to play carefully with her little paw beans!

• 11 inches / 30 cm long
• Embroidered details
• Soft fluffy premium fabric, very soft to the touch!

• All plushies are handmade and therefore they will all look a little different from eachother, they're all unique!
• For ages 3+

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