Prehistoric Charms
Prehistoric Charms
100 kr

Prehistoric Charms


Do you hear that sound? The tingling sensation? The roaring in the distance? They are approaching! Our prehistoric charms are here!  🦖

You must be quick so you don't get eaten or stomped by them and grab as many as you can! You will have to be careful though, for these shrunk little friends can be quite feisty! Even the gentle giant herbivores can be mischievous when they want to, and the epoxy layer that protects their brilliant colours is tough to crack. Once you manage to capture your favourites, you can keep them safely with the keychains attached to them. Which one shall you capture first? 🦕

Charm details
• 6~7 cm depending on design
• Professionally printed and laser cut on clear acrylic, with glitter epoxy coating one side
• Double sided
• Colours may vary from your devices screen and the physical product