Seals Sticker Set
50 kr

Seals Sticker Set


We sometimes do wonder what seals are actually made of. Are they a liquid? Perhaps something a little bit more jelly like? We could even wonder whether they're a Newtonian fluid capable of compression. Or maybe they're just plain, unexplainable cute! 🦭

Caught in the middle of an unexplainable physics phenomenon, we are not really sure what to gather from our data. We can say these two little pals are made of very durable, water resistant vinyl, which has definitely been quite useful during our very important booping experiments. This vinyl has ensured the colours of these seals have been kept bright and vibrant the entire time! Should you want to test their squishiness out, do feel free to stick them onto any clean, dry surface (no pools allowed!) such as school binders, windows or even the exterior of cars! And do report to us about your research findings! There's just such mystery surrounding these creatures...


Sticker details

 • 7+8 cm wide
 • Weather and scratch proof
 • Soft, matte laminate
 • Colours may vary from your devices screen to the physical product