Shrimp Lovers Frosted Acrylic Charms
Shrimp Lovers Frosted Acrylic Charms
95 kr

Shrimp Lovers Frosted Acrylic Charms


🎵 How many shrimps do you have to eat, before you make your skin turn pink? Eat too much and you'll get sick, shrimp are pretty rich! 🎵

Apparently quite a few, much like our cotton candy friends here! 🦐 Our two rascals seem to have been snacking on one too many shrimps while we weren't looking, and have turned a lovely shade of pink! Frosted and printed with eco friendly acrylic, these little friends might be up for quite some trouble, though they will hang around with the special shell-shaped clasps attached to them! They're perfect to hang on to your keys, or your pencilcase! Where shall you have yours?

Charm details
• 5 cm 
• Professionally printed and laser cut on frosted blush pink acrylic
• Single sided
• Colours may vary from your devices screen and the physical product