Corgi Loaves Sticker Set

Corgi Loaves Sticker Set

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There is a toasted bread preference for every single person. Some like them just slightly golden, others will perhaps forget about their toast until it has turned into charcoal. Whether you are the former, the latter or anything in between, we will not judge you for your breakfast preferences much like we cannot choose between either of these three little corgi butts! 🍞

These best of friends all come rolling in together with their favourite loaves to loaf around and bask in the love that they so very much deserve! Since they love one another so much, you must adopt them all at the same time. We can proudly say, though, that you shall not have to worry about triple shedding as the vinyl layer on these stickers will prevent any messiness! It will keep their coats shiny and perfect the entire time, no matter what sort of surface you stick them on! Yes, even outdoors.

Sticker details

 • 6~8 cm depending on design
 • Weather and scratch proof
 • Soft, matte laminate
 • Colours may vary from your devices screen to the physical product