Plush care guide


Our plush toys are usually made of either plush minky fabric or fluffy plush fabric. These fabrics are made from artificial materials, and therefore require special care when being cleaned. If your new plush toy gets dirty, we do not recommend machine wash it. Instead, follow these recommendations:

1) Spot clean them with some cold water, gentle soap, and a clean towel.
2) Rub the towel carefully but firmly on the stain.
3) Allow the cleaned area to dry naturally. Do not place it in a dryer.



Your new friend has arrived home after a long, sleepy journey! However, once you unwrap them and try to get them to stand, they might seem to keep falling on their faces! Oh no! Don’t worry, this is normal.

During shipping, plushies may get squished by other, heavier items being transported alongside them. If your plush does not seem to be able to stand on its little legs, try giving them a gentle but firm tug, so they are able to stretch after the journey. Massaging their legs to get them back in shape should also help. If your plush is still unable to stand up on its own, try pushing back the head to recenter their centre of gravity.

All plushies are tested and quality checked before shipping to ensure they can stand up on their own. Don’t worry about being a little firm on them. While squishy, they are still durable and resistant items, and can withstand some rough play.

If your plush arrives with wrinkles, don't fret! These also commonly appear during shipping. These usually goes away on their own after a while by just petting and hugging your plush. If the wrinkles do not straighten out after a few days, carefully steaming them can also clear out these marks.



All our plushies are safety tested according to CE standards and can be gifted to children above 3 years of age. However, some of our plushies are meant to be collector’s items for adult use. This means our plushies may have small parts that can be ingested or choked on by small children under 15 years of age. As a result, if you do wish to give one of our plush toys to your child, please remove all tags and any smaller accessories such as bells to avoid choking hazards. We are not liable for any incidents that may occur due to unsupervised play with our products.