Calicow Plush
Calicow Plush
Calicow Plush
300 kr

Calicow Plush


Meet Calicow, our little cow friend! With her peculiar colouring, she has waddled her way through the vast fields to say hello on this very pleasant day. 🐮

You might have seen her around grazing lazily, one of her favourite hobbies. But you shall never find her alone, because she somehow always has a kitty friend or two hanging out with her! It might be because her favourite place to rest after a long day of relaxing is the old barn at the end of the field... Where the entire cat crew lives! 🐱

Napping under the sunshine comes as a close second in her little list of likes, but more than anything, she adores being cuddled! Her fur is very soft, and her plump body is perfect for squeezing gently. You may be able to gently hold her in your hands due to her size.

Care to join her today and lounge in the countryside? 🔔

• 6 inches tall, the perfect size to gently hold!
• Embroidered details
• Features a sewn-in neck bow with a gold bell accessory
• Soft plush minky fabric
• All plushies are handmade and therefore they will all look a little different from eachother, they're all unique!
• The plush is safety tested, but is not intended for children below 15 years of age, this is a collectible plush meant for older children and adults