Archie The Ankylosaurus Plush

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He’s big, he’s full of love, and he’s a bit clumsy but with a big, wonderful heart! Do not be afraid of the club on his tail, for he will only use it to bonk you in affection (and veeery carefully, we promise!) 🤍

Archie the Ankylosaurus is a great friend here in our little prehistoric pals enclosure, and he is looking for a new, loving home where he can waddle around and eat a lot of greens! While the spikes on his head and the tailclub might seem a little intimidating, he will never use them to purposely hurt, only to defend his friends and maybe play a little rough. He is cuddly like no other, and loves belly rubs! He might need a hand if he falls on his back, but nothing a little nudge won’t fix from his new best friend. Bring him home for playful banter, for those who enjoy a little tussle!

• 11 inches / 30 cm long
• Embroidered details
• Soft plush minky fabric
• All plushies are handmade and therefore they will all look a little different from eachother, they're all unique!
• For ages 3+

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