Cream The Vanilla Cow Enamel Pin

Cream The Vanilla Cow Enamel Pin

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Nothing beats a good scoop of ice cream when the sun is shining up in the sky! Creamy cool, there are so many flavours from which to choose from, especially if you can add some sprinkles on top... 🍨

There is a classic trio of flavours that shines among the rest, of course. The classic among classics, the vanilla flavour adorns the cool fur of this little vanilla ice cream cow! This enamel pin measures 27mm, with gold plating to keep the hard enamel pin in place in case a cheeky spoon attempts to steal some of your scoop! This pin can be placed anywhere, from your backpack to your jacket, fastened with a rubber pin back. Show off what the superior ice cream flavour is today! 🍦

Pin details

 • 27 mm
 • Gold plated
 • Screen printed details
 • Backstamp engraved in back
 • Rubber clutch backing
 • Colours may vary from your devices screen to the physical product, enamel pins may also have a slight colour difference from batch to batch