Ice Cream Cowne STICKER

Ice Cream Cowne STICKER

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Puddin', Cream and Sherry love to play together! And although it doesn't always seem to work out for all of them, nothing beats spending time with your sisters, especially when you get to play Ice Cream Cone! 🍨

Dig in and enjoy a cool, creamy treat with our Neamoolitan Cows sticker! These sweet sisters are all stacked up in a delightfully adorable illustration, protected from the heat of the summer by a layer of vinyl. Carry them along with you to an ice cream date on your phone case, or take them to explore the world as you stick them safely to outdoor surfaces like your car. One thing is sure, you will not be able to keep your cool around these charming ladies. 🐮

Sticker details

 • 8 cm
 • Weather and scratch proof
 • Transparent borders
 • Colours may vary from your devices screen to the physical product