Shiba Inu Butt Enamel Pin

Shiba Inu Butt Enamel Pin

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You have seen them. You know them. They are iconic, they are incomparable. They are, for some unexplainable reason, one of the greatest defining characteristics of the breed. We are, of course, talking about shiba bums. 🍞

Why, with a bum like that, of course they are going to strut it like they own the place! We have done our best to capture the scrumptiousness of such an iconic sight on this gold-plated enamel pin, perfect to show off on your jacket or display along with the rest of your collection on your pin boards. Add this cheeky lad with a splendid butt to your collection today!

Pin details

 • 25 mm
 • Gold plated
 • Backstamp engraved in back
 • Rubber clutch backing
 • Colours may vary from your devices screen to the physical product, enamel pins may also have a slight colour difference from batch to batch