Bunana Enamel Pin

Bunana Enamel Pin

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Bananas are a great source of potassium, and very healthy to have as a snack during the day. But juuust make sure to keep an eye out... We have been gathering reports of people opening up their tasty treats only to encounter little bunnies living in there! And although it might be tempting to take a bite out of them, we strongly advise you not to do so - they are way too cute, and would love to be pet instead! 🍌

This bunana enamel pin perfectly encapsulates the cheekiness of these little bunnies, hiding in the most inconspicous places we could have ever thought for. Unfortunately these are not edible - and the pin back will make your mouth ache very badly if you attempt to do so! We encourage you instead to make it your friend and bring it with you on your jacket or backpack, or to keep it safe on a board if you are a collector. The gold plating and hard enamel will ensure the quality and durability of the pin for many years of friendship to come!

Pin details

 • 34 mm
 • Gold plated
 • Backstamp engraved in back
 • Rubber clutch backing
 • Colours may vary from your devices screen to the physical product, enamel pins may also have a slight colour difference from batch to batch